About Yoha sounds

Yohanna dec_spegelvänd

The purpose of Yoha sounds is to create music that embodies emotions. The spider in the web is songwriter, singer and percussionist Yohanna Eek who writes, arranges and produces most of the music.

Unbrushed and intrepid, Yohanna has walked hand in hand with music since childhood. The love of the real and naked expression, soundscapes, distortion, trashy rehearsal studios, trance dance on Indian beaches and countless drumming trips to Rio de Janeiro have offered a variety of musical impressions that are now boiled down into Yoha sounds.



With an elegant sense of detail and a great deal of sensitivity, Yohanna listens to each client's specific need. From a multitude of sounds and rhythms, words and melodies, the songs emerge.

The music is sometimes instrumental, but more often text-driven. The lyrics come in three different languages ​​- Swedish, English and Portuguese, depending on the context.


With her in this swirling musical stew, Yohanna has a number of indispensable friends and creators who all contribute to the spice, taste and touch. It is a huge privilege to create with


Eva Björklund, Finn Björnulfson, Julia Sandwall, Jon Forssman, Henrik & Lotta Cederblom (Aspects of Meditation), Jakob Kain, Lars Elf and Björn Almgren (BiORN).


Kate Bush, Rhye, Imogen Heap, David Bowie, Dalai Lama, , Khruangbin, Madonna, Brené Brown, Tribalistas, Elis Regina, Julia Cameron, The Beatles, Suzanne Brøgger, Danny Elfman and Alice in Wonderland. And lots of others… 


Nordiska Visskolan, musician/conductor/songwriter in various bands and contexts (among them Downtown samba, Apricot Way, Hello Rio!, A Bunda, Håkan Hellström, Simbi) and solid experience of and education in cultural management.