Live music


An explosive boost to the dance floor

With drums as love-bombing weapons, the dance floor lifts to the starry night sky. That’s where you find Downtown samba. For any kind of party, this is a band that delivers an explosive boost - both visually and musically. The groove and the suingue reach directly into the heart and the foundation is always the carnival music from Rio de Janeiro - SAMBA.

Downtown samba has a track record that underlines the quality - over the years collaborations have taken place with, among others, Håkan Hellström, Timbuktu, Simbi, A Bunda, Bloco X, Zobop and samba schools in Rio de Janeiro.

Downtown samba is

Finn Björnulfson - repique
Yohanna Eek - marcação
Eva Björklund - surdo terceira
Jakob Kain - caixa